taobao parcel air shipping to Singapore, small parcel express to Singapore from taobao, 1688, alibaba courier service

delivering parcel to Singapore is become more common and easy, more and more Singaporean like to purchase merchandise from China online shop, such as taobao, alibaba, 1688, jd, suning and other platform. the goods customers buy are not big item, use FedEx, DHL, USP, EMS, express delivery far more expensive, so there is a opportunity for consolidation shipping company to do express for these small parcel delivery service, otherwise use LCL consolidation parcel sea shipping is more cheaper than express. 

taobao shipping

sending small parcel express to Singapore is different from air shipping to Singapore, air cargo to Singapore at least 100 kg starter, except air freight, there are some other cost, such as export customs fee, document fee, Singapore declaration fee, GST tax, and delivery fee. but small parcel use consolidation express is most cheap and easy, and no any extra cost, if no Singapore GST, if goods value less than 400SGD. DJcargo warehouse receive many parcels from different platform sending to us. warehouse guy measure weigh and dimension, record it into system for tracking, make the parcels to be prepared for air shipping, express delivery and sea shipping. 

Singapore parcel express
Cargo type 1 – 10 KG 11 – 50 KG 100 KG 以上 500 KG 以上 remainder
First 1 KG Sub 1 KG
common 80 RMB 30 RMB / KG 28 RMB / KG 25 RMB / KG 23 RMB / KG Good value exceed 400 SGD should charge GST7%
sensitive 85 RMB 35 RMB / KG 33 RMB / KG 29 RMB / KG 28 RMB / KG

parcels express to Singapore

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