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China air shipping to Singapore, Guangzhou air freight to Changi airport, China to Singapore air cargo

Can be arrange direct flight to Singapore from many cities in China, Guangzhou airport to Singapore, Shenzhen airport to Singapore, Shanghai airport to Singapore, direct cargo flight cost is more expensive than indirect flight. use indirect transit freight to Singapore can be through Hong Kong, Malaysia KL, Thailand, or Manila airport. Many customers who want use air freight service to send cargo are in urgent need of the goods. otherwise use sea freight by door to door service is merely about 12 days. so normally Singapore customers chose sea freight to transport their goods. China to Singapore air freight and door to door sea shipping are developed market. there are so called many co-loaders shipping air cargo to Singapore, but actually, rarely companies really send air cargo to Singapore from China. since COVID pandemic, the air freight cost risen to much. and the air freight price to Singapore keep floating every week. so each time ship air cargo from China to Singapore must check the cost, and make space order in advance of 5 days. 

Air China Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
Scoot airline Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
Juneyao airline Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
Xiamen airline Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
Hainan airline Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
UPS Cargo Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
SF Cargo Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
Malaysia airline Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore
Thailand airline Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Shanghai Singapore

it as well as sea shipping, the air freight through standard procedure from China to Singapore, audit the goods packing list, performa invoice, export customs declaration documentation, air space ordering are the necessary work to ensure the process smooth.  

air shipping to Singapore must order space in advance of 5 days, the shipping price always floating, the valid price normally only works one week, sometime lesser.  

each air cargo shipment must provide goods packing list, gross weight, dimension for each package. not all the cargo can by shipped by air plane, for example, oversize cargo, overweight cargo not fit airplane space, sometime needs cargo plane to carry. 

performa invoice and packing list are the function for doing export and import works. as every cargo from one country to another country must do customs declaration. Singapore GST would be calculated by the value from performa invoice 

singapore waterfallAir cargo to Singapore begin with our warehouse, every single parcel must send to our warehouse first, then we arrange airline fly to Singapore. the vendors in China can be anywhere, its not best solution to send car to pick up goods from shipper address, so send goods to our warehouse in Guangzhou to Singapore is the best method, and its economy methods. as long as we receive the cargo, then arrange sending freight heading to Singapore. 

everytime we send out aircargo then issue invoice to collect freight cost from the customers. air freight shipping time is short, some time must collected freight before arranging cargo shipping. except goods, packing list, performa invoice, Singapore delivery info these customer must provide, the rest of works from our warehouse to consignee door all handle by us. 

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