2021 China to Singapore logistics, how to start, how to ship, how to send cargo to Singapore, see simple procedure

A;We share you our warehouse address in China

B;You assign shipper sends goods to our warehouse

C;We receive your goods and storage

D;You provide us your goods packing list

E;We arrange cargo ship to Singapore

F;Financial admin send you invoice while you make payment

G;Customs declaration and delivery in Singapore–job done

1;DJcargo warehosue address: (广州市白云区嘉禾望岗工业 2 路 29 号 2 栋 1 楼),if you consider djcargo to handle your cargo shipping, our CS would send you our full address info.

2;Before sending cargo to our warehouse, shipper must note or stick an unique shipping mark on each outside packages that which we design to each client. the function of the shipping mark is to use distinguishing different cargo belong different clients. also to avoid cargo send to wrong country and wrong address

3;You may purchase cargo from different vendor anywhere in China, so we offering free storage in our warehouse to collect your cargo gradually till all arrive, and then confirm with client total packages.

4;You should fill down a packing list and send to us, because we need this file to do export and import customs works.

5;We arrange schedule as early as we could to send the cargo out, and share you shipping tracking link to see status.

6;As long as the cargo shipped out, our financial will send you invoice to collect freight.

7;Goods arrive to Singapore we handle customs declaration and delivery.