Why the courier website showing parcel has been signed, but our warehouse is not received cargo


China domestic courier companies contains many function such as dropping door collection cargo, dispatch parcel to door and freight collection…etc. drop door to collect goods from shipper is the purpose that shipper wanted to send cargo to consignee, shipper prepare cargo and write down waybill note ready for courier on site spot goods leave a receipt to shipper then take out goods for sending to right destination. 

Domestic express delivery companies and logistics companies also have time-sensitive requirements. For example, goods sent from Shanghai to Guangzhou must be delivered within two days, or the goods from the couch to Guangzhou must be delivered within one day. In the busy season and uncertain factors, domestic logistics is caused. The company can’t complete the delivery within the invalidation, and the domestic express delivery and logistics companies also have performance requirements inside, so the express company outlets will sign their own internal systems, and then dispatch the goods under the backlog of the warehouse and then deliver the goods according to the principle of First in First out.

Usually customer check courier express online that goods have been received, and practical and is not arrived in our warehouse www.client.djcargo.cn solution encountered such a situation, please shipper delivery companies to speed up the delivery, the most effective because of the goods by the shipper to arrange the express logistics, the goods did not arrive at our warehouse before the express company responsible for the shipper, our warehouse again how is useless.