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Courier express is different from air freight, its not same concept of sending express courier and air shipping to Singapore

Many people comprehend that the air freight and courier express delivery are the same thing. In fact, it is not. its completely difference. as many customers ask; could my 1 kg cargo send to Singapore by air freight? could my 10 kg cargo send to Australia? what is the cost of air shipping my parcel? it would hard to get accurate quotation and shipping methods, if no any further information provided. to know the difference between air shipping and courier express, you should know its shipping methods and procedures. 

International air transport;  order consignment for air shipping has minimum weight requirement at least 100 kg. if goods weight is less than 100 kg, there would be a minor shipment handle cost. International air freight is meant to fly the cargo from a specific airport in one city to another airport at another city in oversea country. 

A. The goods are in the shipper, factory, trading company, or warehouse, and the shipper’s address is far away from the departure airport of the booking, then the goods must be delivered to the warehouse of the departure airport, air freight booking, air freight calculation It is from the airport of one country to the airport of another country. For example, when flying 100 kg of cargo from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Singapore Changi Airport, the air freight quote refers to the cost of this segment. If the goods are in Changsha, Beijing, Shanghai, or Chengdu, how can the air freight include from the shipper’s address to the consignee’s place? Therefore, the shipper has to deliver the goods to the designated warehouse, or the carrier or logistics company needs to arrange the pick-up.

B. Before confirming air transportation, it is necessary to confirm the cargo list, weight, size and volume, so as to review the data and arrange the booking. Air transportation generally starts at least 100 kg. The air transportation process is as follows:

1. Review the list of goods, size, and name of goods (warehouse signing, boarding, packaging may incur costs)

2. Booking

3. Customs declaration (fee required)

4. Issuing the bill of lading (fees may be required)

5. Collect freight

6. Arrive at the airport of destination

Air transportation is limited to this. If air transportation requires customs clearance, tax payment, and delivery at the destination port, it belongs to the category of dedicated air transportation. Air transportation, document review, booking, and customs declaration usually take one or two days. After the flight is confirmed, the air transportation time limit is relatively punctual to the destination airport. Therefore, air freight must be arranged 4.5 days in advance, instead of confirming air freight today, it will be able to fly next day.

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International courier express delivery; international express delivery usually transports some packages with relatively small cargo volume, and the cost of parcel transportation is relatively high. At the beginning, it was mainly carried by international express companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, etc., which have their own storage and transportation systems. With international trade becoming more and more popular, shopping on Taobao and Alibaba has become more and more convenient. Many foreign buyers can directly buy online in China and send them abroad. The volume of goods has increased, and express delivery has appeared. The service is to gather all the small parcels together, make a board, arrange air freight booking, fly to the airport of the destination country, arrange customs clearance, and deliver it to your door. What is the international express process?

1. The goods are sent to the warehouse of an international express logistics company. Like air transportation, the warehouse of the international express carrier needs to start. Generally, only DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS and other companies can pick up the goods, but their prices are not cheap.

2. Confirm the list of goods, the address information of the consignee (receipt)

3. After the cargo has been assembled, the board will be boarded and the space will be booked for air transportation

4. Dedicated express express unified customs declaration. In addition to the separate export tax rebate declaration, customs declaration fees will be charged. Generally, there is no customs declaration fee for small parcels. The four major express express DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS usually require separate export declarations, and customs declaration fees may be charged.

5. After customs clearance, a scheduled flight can be arranged to fly to the airport of the destination country.

6. Acting for customs clearance at the airport of the destination country,

7. Destination airport agent delivery (or own company delivery)

The timeliness of special line express delivery is usually slower than that of the four major international express. The collection of cargo and boarding will delay time, and the booking will delay time. Unlike the four major international express companies, which have their own aircraft and flight arrangements, special line express does not have such a complete system. The logistics company completes the entire process by itself, and the price has to be cheaper than the four major international express to be competitive.

Can the goods be transported by express delivery for hundreds of kilograms or tons?

Of course, both special line express and the four major international expresses have interval price calculation methods. The more goods, the cheaper the unit price. When your goods are several hundred kilograms or several tons, it is best to confirm the international air freight cost or international express delivery cost separately.

courier express

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