How to calculate weight


1. LCL sea freight normally charge cost at least 1 cbm, cargo less than 1 cbm count as 1 cbm.  1 cbm cargo must not exceed 500 kg, if 1 cbm cargo’s weight is 800 kg, we should charge 1.6 cbm. (some destination country 1 cbm cargo is not allowed to exceed 300 kg). so customer should let us know goods total cubic meter and wight before conduct shipping process.

2. Air freight measurement for a physical shipment also charge the cargo weight and cubic meter whichever bigger, for instance, 1 carton cargo, its actual weight is 15 kg, and its dimension of its length is 50 cm, width is 50 cm, heigh is 50 cm, and its cubic weight is (50 x 50 x 50 )/6000 = 21 kg, if send by courier express, should divided exponential 5000.