How to ship FCL container to Singapore from multiple vendors in China

Singapore customer Victor has bought a new real estate, and wants to purchase some furniture and house stuffs to fill his house.  He find us by his friend introduction. He shared us his plan and we adviced him the shipping procedure and also guided him how to buy and arrange domestic cargo transport. We put him a shipping mark “CVT” as Victor’s unique for transportation purpose.

Victor ride plane to Guangzhou and went to Foshan furniture wholesale center to purchase the stuffs what he like. Went to Zhongshan purchase light products,  bathroom goods…etc, paid the down payment to each vendor, and let them have our warehouse address marked for goods delivery purpose. 

Address:Jia he Baiyun district Guangzhou City GD Province PRC
Receiver:  CVT
Shipping mark: CVT
Cell Phone:  15800246878
Post code:510440
Street:Jiahe street

Victor also set our warehouse as default address in his taobao account to purchase other house stuffs from E-shop

time passed almost half month the goods that the different vendors send to our warehouse one after another, and we receive goods and storage and record it in our warehouse system, we offer 30 days storage free for coming cargo. its adequate time to sellers to produce the goods.
Victor has the purchase list, he can check how many goods we received by remote checking our inventory system  check goods arrival record by delivery number and shipping mark, “CVT’
when Victor’s vendors have to be sent all the goods to our warehouse as well as the cargo from Taobao to our warehouse ready together, our warehouse guy check total quantity, measure the cubic meter and weight the weight report to our operators, confirmed the packing list then we arrange shipping the cargo with in container.
The total cubic meter is 53 CBM, and we ordered a 40 feet container to load these cargo
Once finish customs presentation, then arrange roll the container to vessel and sailing to Singapore.
our Singapore office will arrange customs declaration for this container before container approach to Singapore, once customs release, Singapore office will send haulage to take container from port while sending to address which Victor appointed.



Container send to Victor’s address, then our financial send invoice to Victor to collect freight payment. customer can pay to our account in China, and also to our account in Singapore.

Well done! the whole procedure handle by us, we helped receive goods, storage, check quantity, inspection, recording, on behalf of payment, loading, export, customs declaration and delivery.  for this kind of container shipping is multiple vendors and there is no one vendor has an warehouse able to loading and shipping a container. so send to our warehouse together then arrange to ship.