How to ship FCL container to Singapore from single vendor in China

Singapore client Jenny who she bought cargo scaffolding from vendor in Guangdong province Jiangmen city, the goods use for her construction project in Singapore, and wanted us handle cargo shipping from vendor factory to her warehouse address in Singapore, as the deal term Jenny and her vendor made is Exw. 

Jenny let us know the total cargo information about supplier address, cargo name, total packages, weight and total cubic meters, then we advice her use 40HC container to ship the goods is most suitable and cost effective, as she confirmed we both settle down the quotation and shipping contract, she let us shipping the cargo from vendor’s factory to her address in Singapore with one package service. 

Then we contacted vendor and confirmed the loading date, soon we ordered a container SO make all necessary preparation heading to factory to stuffing cargo. 

Use SO number to take container from export port and then arrange haulage truck to supplier address of Jenny.
Haulage truck reach to factory address to load the cargo (note: in any trading term that the loading address is at seller’s address, seller responsible for loading the goods into container or van car..  and seller pay the loading cost)
Once finish loading cargo into container, the haulage trucker will return back the container to export port within same day. at the same time, customer or vendor will send us cargo loading packing list, in form of arranging export customs presentation.
Once finish customs presentation, then arrange roll the container to vessel and sailing to Singapore.
our Singapore office will arrange customs declaration for this container before container approach to Singapore, once customs release, Singapore office will send haulage to take container from port while sending to address which Jenny appointed.
Container send to Jenny’s address, then our financial send invoice to Jenny to collect freight payment. customer can pay to our account in China, and also to our account in Singapore.
Well done! the whole procedure arranged by us, customer Jenny no need do any much work focus on her shipment. we are not only shipping container from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Foshan, Zhuhai, but also shipping full container from all city in China. contact our sales to know more details about shipping procedure.