Why our inventory system showing that the parcel number we received is different from vendor provided


Customer purchase goods from online shop such as taobao, jd, dangdang and set our warehouse address as default, normally shipper arranges cargo to be sent our through their contracted long term domestic courier company or inland transport logistics, except well-known courier company and inland transport logistics, there are also too many small courier companies available for choice, but some of those small courier companies do not have sufficient branch station or contracted franchiser to present their delivery function, so they may assign a part of work to co-loaders who is competent to carry out delivery.

In this situation, as long as you check the original courier company’s website that the number shipper provide you showing delivered and signed, but actually the second hand courier company would use their own waybill with cargo is being delivered to our warehouse.

For example, a shipper from Shanghai use a courier A send a parcel to our warehouse, the tracking showing the parcel has already delivered and signed at other address such as Shuzhou, while its actually hand over the parcel to courier B its being delivered to our warehouse in Guangzhou. some time shipping mark commented on courier bill sheet, if changed courier company the shipping mark may disappeared, so ask shipper write down shipping mark on outside packages is necessary. Other warehouse may refuse to receive goods as long as they never spot any mark.

So customer checking our warehouse website www.client.djcargo.cn to see different courier number and different sign date it possibly courier changed. in this situation we can help customer to open parcel and carton to check the goods is correspond with right which customer purchased.

Buy goods from taobao JD pingduoduo dangdang do ask shipper write down or stick unique shipping mark on each outside packages that we provide to customer.

Our standard address info as below