International Courier Delivery

 let’s just focus on the cost. If one is cheaper, we can take it as our first option. We’ will compare rates from the 3 official websites (ENG version), to get a better understanding of pricing.

tips to become a master for courier shipping from china

  1. Remember, you will always want to prepay instead of collecting at time of delivery because prepaying will always save you money on courier shipping expenses.
  2. DHL vs. UPS
  • <5kgs, DHL win
  • 6-21kgs, UPS win
  • 21-100kgs, DHL win
  • >100kgs, UPS win
  1. From China to Southeast Asia, FedEx is the Master, always cheaper and faster, small and big shipment.
  2. We don’t recommend TNT if you are out of Europe or Middle East.
  3. If you are running huge volume business, you can create an account, and become VIP customer for courier company. Then you will enjoy better rates and many advantages.
  4. Oil (BAF/CAF) price impact price, dont be surprised to see 10-25% rates variation. So, our quote can valid till the end of the month.
  5. The total length (length+width*2+height*2) should be less than 330cm. And the weight should be less than 70kg per package for the best available rate.
  6. Use reinforced cartons and take care of the packing quality.
  7. The trade term between you and your supplier should be FOB, which is for your best interest if other shipping methods, but EXW for courier shipments.
  8. There are special lines for some specific destination and specific weight. Such carriers are not so famous, but also reliable and more cost-effective.

Our dedicated courier express is more cheaper than courier price TNT, FedEx, UPS