How to ship LCL cargo to Singapore from China

LCL means goods volume is less than a small size container 20 feet loading, normally a 20 ft container can load cargo less than 28 cbm, but goods with different angle, dimension, size, some time hardly to load 28 cbm, if goods packaging is standard cartons it would be loaded with maximum cubic meter 28 cbm. see container type

Customers normally have goods volume is more than 15 cbm, we often send suggestion to clients to use 20 ft container, if goods volume is less than 15 cbm, our LCL consolidation door to door freight service is best option.

CBM is the abbreviation for cubic meter, normally 1 cbm cargo ≤ 500 kg

Our LCL consolidation service to Singapore is cater for customer who has several cbm cargo need to be shipping, we collect customers’ goods to suit a 40 HC container volume, then make all their goods consolidated to a container loading. and shipping like a full container procedure, we handle much works in China and destination in Singapore, our dedicated line is promise to send goods to consignee door in Singapore.

Pauline Tan is our one of long term customer, her main business in Singapore is a private businessman who offers service to his customers for auto maintain and repairing. She frequently purchases goods from different country, but the most convenient way is making procurement from China, because the logistics service is very easy and simple to her, some time she ask her Taiwan and Japan suppliers send the cargo to our Guangzhou warehouse, then let us send the cargo to Singapore . Cause our dedicated LCL freight service is not only offer lower cost, but also we handle the shipment more fast than ever shipping methods does 

Pauline’s shipping mark is C-TAN-SG, she set our China warehouse  as default address  in her taobao, alibaba, and JD account, each time she purchase goods the seller will automatically send goods with a courier to our warehouse. while we checking and receiving her goods with record ing our system, as long as its all received, then we conduct shipment heading to Singapore

Pauline purchase goods through China online shop taobao, alibaba…etc. and assign e-shop vendor send goods to to our warehouse in Guangzhou, once goods has send out with courier, vendor will forward a courier waybill number to Pauline. and when goods reach to our warehouse, she can check our inventory website to know how many goods totally we received. use the shipping mark “C-TAN-SG” can check arrival info as well.
When all goods reach to our warehouse, Pauline send the goods packing list to our operation team’s email box, then our team will soon arrange the cargo repacked and in order for loading into container. then into shipping procedure.
Once finish customs presentation, then arrange roll the container to vessel and sailing to Singapore.
When container down customs declaration, we truck it to Singapore warehouse and do unstuffing work distinguish cargo to each different consignee
Whatever small goods, big goods, bulky goods, heavy case we all can arrange delivery.
Well done! the whole process handle by us, from our warehouse to customer address door to door delivery. as Pauline is our regular customer we collect freight monthly.