reefer container ship to Malaysia

How to send reefer container to Malaysia from China by door to door delivery

Ice cream export to over sea must present formal export documents to do customs work, ice cream, refrigerant food and food materials must have commercial inspection before export, CI should exam its ingredient. the products must packed properly, outside print must declaring hygeian and health certificate, and sequence number, produce entity, QA pass nameplate, expired date, storage condition. goods outside printed declaring info must match the document submitting to customs system. as the goods’ distribution in China domestics no strictly requirement for its outside package, but export to oversea must labeling english ingredient, so we also help customs to label the required info in English to the packages, as for smooth get customs release.

help to label the label

help to label the label

Ice cream goods must stored under temperature  -15 °degree or lower, usually the freezer storage temperature is about -20 °degree , after all goods ready to ship, we can gather them all together,  and arrange haulage truck to pick up a reefer container to chilling warehouse to load goods. the reefer container must be power on to make it freezing in advance, before loading cargo, the container inside temperature should lower than – 15°degree. loading cargo by open container door and match warehouse output gate.

loading ice cream cargo

After the reefer container is loaded, close the door and seal off, the haulage truck should return the container back to port yard,  container also must weight its total weight, to submit VGM, when container returned to the port yard,  electricity must connect as well,    according to some of the prepared information submitted to the customs declaration, waiting for customs approval, after customs clearance release , then make it shipping to Malaysia

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