Maritime Shipping Procedure

Maritime shipping is an important link in international logistics service. there are two types of shipping markets, the liner market and the tramp market. A far greater amount of cargo is shipped by bulk carriers, which can be chartered on the tramp market on a time basis or on voyage basis.  a considerable amount of cargo is shipped by huge container ships running on fixed lines around the world. as far as outbound flow of products from manufacturers is concerned, container ships are usually most frequently used.

       When you need to send cargo to a buyer overseas according to a sales contract, you must, after you have completed the necessary documentation for insurance, cargo survey, etc. as per the clauses in the Letter of Credit, book space on a ship either by yourself or via a freight forwarder. if you decide to book the space yourself, you can either go to a shipping company or simply go on the internet, find the website of the carrier you want, and book the space there. in either case, you have to fill up what is commonly referred to as booking note, which is of the ten copies designed for use in different related sectors in the shipping procedures, such as the cargo owners, the ship agent, the container yard, the port authorities for the port dues and port charges, the ship the dock, and the customs house.

      Then, when the shipping company accepts your space-booking, you will receive a Container Load plan in due course. the container load plan is of five copies which will be given to the terminal, the carrier, the ship agent, the shipper and the party that load your container on board the ship.

       At the same time, the shipping company will make a stowage plan for the ship, which decides the specific location for each container in the holds, taking into consideration of the weight, its destination and the ship’s specifications.

       When your cargo is stuffed in to a container, it is hauled to container yard CY to be loaded on board the ship according to the stowage plan. when this is done, the first mate would sign a mate’s receipt . this document is very important, as the shipping company will issue the Bill of Lading according to the statements on it.

       You can now take the Bill of Lading three originals and as sometimes you can request, three copies together with all the documents required by letter of credit to the negotiating bank to exchange for money from the buyer.