Guangzhou container ship to Singapore door to door one stop service

We use unconventional method to ship goods to Singapore is that we collect goods from different individual which who buying goods in Guangzhou every wholesale center or factory at every place in China.

Singapore customers buy goods at wholesales center in Guangzhou 一德路yide road toys, furniture, kitchen stuffs, fabric, cloths…etc, we collect goods from different place to our warehouse. Make all goods reach to our warehouse in Guangzhou, then ship this container to Singapore.
Frequently, we see that any pallet shipping better through Guangzhou city, How is it actually different from sending a regular package? We know what goes through your mind while planning of sending a package because we receive questions like these all the time. Some of our customers have a hard time distinguishing package and pallet shipping. We will break down for clients the difference between package and pallet shipping. Soon, customer will agree that it is not confusing at all!

Guangzhou container ship to Singapore has two dock can shipping through. The one is Huangpu port another is Nansha port. Shipping through Huangpu port should transit to Shenzhen or Hong Kong, then ship to Singapore, shipping through Nansha port can directy ship to Singapore.