Trusted and fast logistics service from China sea shipping to Malaysia

 Choose cheapest and fast sea shipping service from China to Malaysia, the DJcargo is unparalleled, its shuttle way freight service from China to Malaysia while Malaysia to China have been operated almost 8 years, with its experience, it can handle more pacific cargo declaration and transport (legal cargo) every corner we could deliver to. The fast way Kuantan, Penang and Johor still delivery free. 

 We can quote inquire very fast by get below information 

1)Product names

2)Total volume(If goods is big,the package sizes is also necessary)

3)Total weight

4)POL of China(or factory location City of China)

5)POD and the final to door address and post code

6)Income term with supplier

  1) Picking up goods from supplier or collection at our own warehouse if more different suppliers

2) Storage

3) Book shipment for FCL or LCL based on client’s goods quantity

4) Export/import customs clearance

5) Packing declaration filing

6) Insurances

7) Malaysia import customs and domestic delivery to door