Guangzhou send EMS express to Singapore all in door to door delivery

Guangzhou air express parcel delivery to Singapore through DJcargo global freight service is most reliable and fast, Singapore customer buy small cargo on internet shop such as taobao or Jd online shop, set address and receiver by our warehouse address in Guangzhou and our sales representative, then we ship to consignee in Singapore.

The first step is how to set address information at online shop. Below indication is demonstrated clear enough. Normally we use Chinese address is required, but English address some works.

Address:  Baiyun district Guangzhou City Guangdong Province PRC
Receiver:  Sales representative: Brage+Shipping mark

Receiver number: +86 15800246878

Shipping Mark: Shipping Mark is most important for each clients. Every customer has its unique shipping mark.

Parcel send by air express normally 2-3 days arrive at Singapore, since cargo in our warehouse, we normally ship out same day when its arrival, sometime we ship out next day cause of the airport close no delay before 5 PM. The parcel should be well packed, no any dangerous and forbidden cargo allowed to ship, and most cargo needs import permit at Singapore, some liquid cargo also forbidden to ship, while some liquid cargo could be ship out. So its must get consolation before ship to out.