Sea shipping from China to Australia

DJcargo sea shipping from China to Australia by Door to door is basically from our warehouse in Guangzhou started reach to the main city in Australia.

1. the price consists of two portions, the first 1 cbm cost is higher than subsequent cbm as the local port of customs cost of Australia is most higher, so the first cbm is little bit higher than subsequent cbm. i.e if client who wants shipping 3 cbm goods from China, from our Guangzhou warehouse to Sydney, the cost is alike
2400 + 2 x 800 = 4000 RMB

2. The price not included Australia GST and import duties. the GST normally consists of total goods value and sea freight and insurance times 10 %. customs duty depends on goods type, textile goods and plastics goods normally 10 % of total goods value, high technical goods no customs duty, and general goods normally 5% of total goods value.
3. The price included 5 categories of goods import of customs clearance operation. i.e if clients import packing list exceed 5 categories, 20 RMB per 1 category added

4. The price included 30km delivery free, it means form our port warehouse to consignee’s door free delivery, but the distance only coverage 30 km. if exceed 30km. each 10 km add 10 AUD per cbm delivery cost. if exceed 50km, it would negotiate with clients
5. Sea shipping from China to Australia schedule each week Monday CY close, and Friday sailing. about 20 days approaches to destination address since vessel sailing
6. Overweight calculation; 1 cbm = 500 kg. if 1 cbm goods that its weight is 800 kg. the weight cbm should 800 / 500 = 1.6 cbm
7. Above price is only for shipping general cargo, for sensitive cargo should negotiate under table.
8. Goods packaging with wooden material and wooden furniture goods must to do fumigate before shipping, fumigation cost is 700 RMB in Guangzhou