Foshan send cargo to Singapore can directly shipping through factory’s warehouse to consignee in Singapore, if goods suit a container loading, we are able to send truck with a container on site load cargo and then ship toward to Singapore, if goods just few cubic meter or less than 15 cubic meter should send to our warehouse in Guangzhou to gather other customer’s goods combining to shipping out, the rate is different for container cost and less than a container loading. LCL rate charge by cbm, FCL container shipping charge by single container cost. 

DJcargo global freight service is an enterprise established in 2012  with Head office located in Guangzhou as an NVOCC and has been forming as a Third-party International Logistics Industries, we are member of FIATA and our HB/L has been filed in FMC.

DJcargo’s branch offices is everywhere in Guangdong as well as major cities in East seacoast & middle of China:

Xiamen/Shanghai/ Ningbo/ Tianjian

Changsha/ Wuhan/ Kunming/ Chengdu

Shantou/ Chenhai/ Huizhou/ Jilong/Zhuhai/Zhongshan/ Foshan/ Shunde/

Dongguan/ Guangzhou/ Hong Kong

DJcargo has over 150 staffs altogether with nearly 50 CS in Shenzhen branch office, it has strong service team with about 20% sales

DJcargo is cooperating with shipping lines and develop good communication and friendly relationship with carriers in varies marketing: