Guangzhou Shenzhen Foshan Zhongshan Dongguan Shanghai sea shipping to Myanmar

Shipping to Myanmar from China we are now able to arrange from every cities in China, not only first line main cities, but also are able to arrange from second line cities and third line cities as well as county and town from China, so customer can send cargo to Myanmar from everywhere in China toward to Burma, and we take both customs works and transit works. 

 Send cargo to Myanmar has a legal restriction, the cargo categories is wide, but illegal and forbidden cargo can not to shipping, such as weapon, et cetera. As we mainly offers freight by door to door, so customer has o offers real packing list with actual goods. 

 1.Commodity name.

              2.Weight of the goods.

              3.Amount of the square meter needed for the cargo.   

              4.Container type and amount needed.

              5.The departure port and the destination port we need to know.

2. When should we pay for the sea/air freight?

B/L copy and Official Freight invoice will be sent after the shipment leaves off china.

3. Can copy brand items will be accepted?

To make the export clearing and import clearing with Customs, we don’t advise buying Copy brand items.

4. How to track the sea/air shipment?

You can use the B/L no or container no to track it in the Shipping Line’s website or Air port website easily. Another convenient way is you can contact us to learn the status at any time.

5. Can Bulk cargo be accepted?

YES, Bulk cargo can be accepted either, but we need the exact details to figure out the freight cost