Offer best sea shipping and air freight from China to Canada

DJcargo shipping cargo from China to Canada whole nationwide, every city we can delivery to consignee door by both side customs service within one stop service,

Customer is new Immigration and wanted house relocation from China every city to Canada pointed address, how we operated, normally big volume house stuff we transport it by sea, use our sea door to door movement. And there also two shipping method, the one is LCL consolidation movement, other is whole container transport service, it means the cargo in side container belong one customer’s goods.

Any furniture restriction of transportation from China to Canada, answer is no, there is fewness limitation of sea freight from China to Canada, but there are do some goods forbidden to export to Canada, such as meat product, alcohol, tobacco, and any illegal products are not allowed to export and import. Customer better show us transport packing list before shipping the goods heading to Canada.

The process of shipping from China to Canada, first of all, make a deal with our sales Brage and sign shipping contract, then send LCL goods to our warehouse in Guangzhou or we send container to loading cargo for full container at shipper’s address. Every Monday we do CY close and sailing schedule on Thursday for LCL consolidation shipping. And every workday we can order container space for sole container shipping to customer, suit shipper and customer’s convenience.

There are some key information customer must provide to us, shipper’s information, phone, address, packing list with Performa invoice, Canada consignee’s address, phone, passport scanned copy. Therefor freight from China to Canada is not too complicated that arranged by DJcargo.

How we charge freight and payment method, just easy enough, contact our sales Brage@djcargo.cnwith phone number +86 15800246878 to get detailed procedure.

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Reminder note: any goods made by wooden materials and its outside package contains crude wood materials do must do fumigation before shipping to Canada, and packaging should not contain bark and mildewed.