FCL shipping procedure

FCL full container loading shipping procedure

FCL full container load shipping procedures from a given address of shipper’s factory or warehouse

. Confirm loading date is prerequisite of booking shipping order (SO), the loading date also affecting its freight cost because sea shipping price always keep floating. Goods packing list is chief important to both export and import customs, audit it in advance is to make sure no problem on export and import customs works

. Here confirming freight cost is to confirm with customer that the freight cost in accordance with loading date and SO schedule, sometimes freight price only vaild in a given period

. Loading date is confirmed, SO is ready, then can arrange a haulage truck to pick up container from port to the loading address, once finish loading goods into container, then trucker return container to the export port

. After goods loaded into container and its returned to port, since next day, customs declaration work must present

. Customs declaration finished and released, then container hand over to vessel company to make it on board, and catch original shipping schedule. Customs release is also a key factor to ensure container catching predicted shipping schedule, it has more than 3% rate that customs officer randomly sort out containers to inspect

. Before vessel sailing in the sea, the bill of lading and other documentation must be provided to carrier company

. Before vessel reach to destination port, the carrier company will send an arrival notice to consignee to tell the containers real ETA. Consignee can prepare customs declaration works

. Use arrival notice, packing list, and perform invoice to do import customs declaration, pay the necessary duty and tax

. As long as finish all import custom works, send haulage truck pick up container from port deliver to consignee address

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FCL shipping procedure