China immigrate to Canada house relocation precaution


china to canadaChina immigrate to Canada, and other countries same policy for house relocation, if you wanted send your house stuffs to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa or other specific address in Canada, where your new home located, we ship to there. We can arrange air freight, sea shipping, to your new home. 

Every new immigration for house relocation must answer question personally at its local customs for goods import. new immigration import its second hand stuffs can declared none-tax, duty and GST. its means no tax, duty, GST should be paid, but pay or not the tax and GST depends on customs feedback. 

new immigrator interview its local customs officer must present original passport, PR card, entrance landing paper. if new immigrator first time landing Canada, recorded none-flight carrying cargo list, should provide B4 list. if had not recorded, should explain the reason to customs officer. if no record none flight carrying cargo, should no impact to declare none tax duty import. 

china immigrate to CanadaBill of Lading Remark

1. new immigration shipping, the shipper and consignee must be the same person, immigrator who in charge of its cargo transport

2. consignee, receiver must be the one who is the new immigrator,  customs declaration under this immigrator 

3. cargo description should be “Personal effects, for personal use only, no commercial value”

4. the documents as same as ordinary shipping, packing list and invoice must write down clearly, no forbidden cargo allowed, such as drug, medical, foods, alcohol.. etc