Offer cheapest freight to Vancouver Canada from China use door to door service

Guangzhou DJcargo global freight service was founded in 2008 in Southern China. We are kind of professional freight owned shipping company mainly shipping goods from Guangzhou to Vancouver Canada. We provide customized Logistics services with prompt, reliable and courteous service to our esteemed customers from oversea. We have long term cooperation with thousands of companies. and was widely recommended by our clients.

A. Both shipper and consignee should prepare their informations.
1. shipper information (name, telephone, ID card scanned copy)
2. goods information (goods name, made by what raw materials, total packages, details quantity )
3. consignee information (name, telephone, address, passport and drive license)
4. if consignee is a company, it must provide (company name, tax ID, telphone, Fax and address)

B. Shipping procedure.

1. the FCL goods may stuffy into container at our warehouse, or it may take place at somewhere customer oppointed. the LCL goods must stuffy into container at our warehouse place.
2. goods shipping mark: the most important work shipper has to do is write down or stick a shipping mark on each outside package of goods before send goods to our warehouse, this is unique mark to segregate different goods belong to different customer.
3. shipping procedure include: loading goods, fumigation, customs presentation, shipping, destination customs declaration, pay tax, unstffy, and delivery, each step described as below.
a. Loading: if goods is LCL, it must send to our warehouse for gathering loading. if goods is FCL container, customer can oppoint us an address for loading. but loading should by shipper, if FCL loading take place at our warehouse, we response for loading work. and we provide 30 free storage.
b. fumigation: any goods and packing made by wooden and bamboo materials must be get fumigated before shipping out.

c. customs presentation at export port: we will handle export customs works according to the packing list and invoice which customer provided.
d. shipping: once cutoms release, container will be loading on vessel. and sailing toward to Australia.
e. destination customs declaration: whatever consginee is a personal or company all have to use real name registered to declare goods.
f. pay tax and duty: if consignee is a company registered GST, then pay GST and duty first, then charge back from government, if consginee is a personal import, we could help customer pay a reasonable tax and duty.
g. once finish all customs work. we should arrange delivery to consignee.